Belbin Team Roles

We have expert training in using Belbin Team Roles and offer this tool to the businesses we work with, within our Team Development services.

Belbin Team Roles is a widely used profiling tool which helps you better understand your working preferences – the way you tend to approach work and how you interact with the rest of your team.  Profiles are built using your own self-perception combined with the views of some of your co-workers using an online tool, and the reporting can be scarily accurate.

By using tools such as Belbin we help the individuals we work with gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the impact they have on others – something which is invaluable in the world of work, particularly as you move into leadership positions.  Use this tool as a team and you’ll understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie as a group.

Personality profiling tools like Belbin have the ability to expose hidden conflicts within teams. The outcome is that you learn more about yourselves and your colleagues, allowing you to communicate much more effectively. You will gain a deeper understanding of what motivates your peers and can use this to make a happier workplace environment.

We’ve really seen the value of using Belbin within the teams we support – so much so that we’ve used it ourselves!  When you meet with us, ask us about our strengths and weaknesses as a team and how we are addressing them.

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