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Welcome to new team member: Dave Yates

31st March 2021,

Read more about newest team member Dave Yates, senior consultant, as he walks us through his career history and some of his thinking around organisational development and change.

Three Ways 2020 Has Changed The Way We Work

2nd March 2021,

What a twelve months we’ve had! Read more here about some of the things we will be keeping from lockdown working.

Learning Leadership Lessons From Our High Streets

22nd September 2020,

Read more about how award-winning former Council Chief Executive Neil Schneider takes important lessons from transforming Britain’s High Streets into day-to-day organisational leadership.

Managing and Leading Change through Crisis

9th April 2020,

Read our white paper outlining the three key stages of change and how to use them when leading organisations through crisis.

Behavioural Change White Paper.

8th April 2020,

Understanding how understanding the process and challenges behind the development of new habits is key to every single piece of work we do.  In our White Paper Oliver and the team take you through an easy-to-understand description of the psychology and neuropsychology of behaviour change.  By developing a deeper understanding of this process and, in turn, increased … Read More

Leading for Transformation

8th April 2020,

Read the White Paper authored by Ollie with Chris Bones from Good Growth where they explore their experiences of Leading for Transformation and provide a framework for leaders at all levels.

Perhaps it’s time that we took a bit of a step back and considered what we want from our teams working at home.

6th April 2020,

I’m not wanting any medals or anything, but I’ve worked pretty hard over the last couple of weeks. Early starts, lots of calls, logging on in the evening – jam-packed days seem to be the norm around here at the moment. Unsurprisingly, speaking to clients and friends I’m hearing the same thing from them. Far … Read More

Keep calm….and choose the right playlist!

16th March 2020,

We all know that music can be uplifting and inspirational, and these are two things we could definitely do with more of at times like these.  Whether you are going about business in your usual location or adjusting to working from home, the right auditory climate could really help to boost your mood and your … Read More

Which team is your team?

18th April 2018,

If you lead within a larger organisation you might belong to a number of different teams. Ask yourself which is more important to you – the one you are part of or the one you lead?

Five top tips to try with your team

18th April 2018,

There is something truly exhilarating about the experience of working within a team which works well together to achieve its aims. But getting to that point can be really challenging so here are a few useful tips to try out.

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