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An Interview with Ollie

20th July 2023,

Ollie is Change & Transformations Managing Director. If you’ve ever worked with us, you’ll have spoken to Ollie or had him facilitate a piece of work for you and you’ll have some insight into what he is like already, but as part of our ‘interviews with…’ series, we’re checking in with Ollie to hear his … Read More

An Interview with Grace

5th July 2023,

Grace is our social media & marketing executive and has been working with us for the past couple of years now. Grace also runs her own business, is studying for a Business and Marketing Management degree, and is on placement at a college local to her, so she’s a busy woman! Bianca caught up with … Read More

An Interview with Bianca

1st June 2023,

Bianca is our Admin and Operations Executive and was with us in 2018 and 2019 before finding a new adventure. She must have missed us and our clients though as she came back to her role here in 2022 and we’ve loved having her back! Let’s see what she has to say in our latest … Read More

Personality Profiling – How do we use them?

7th March 2022,

We use a range of profiling tools here in our work at Change & Transformation and people often ask us about them.  In fact, we quite often get contacted by clients who just want us to run some profiling with their teams.  Whilst we have, of course, seen lots of benefits to teams of learning … Read More

The power of Action Learning Sets and why we use them

7th January 2022,

There are lots of tools and approaches we use here at Change & Transformation to support our clients in achieving their goals. Our aim is always to create an unbreakable link between the change our clients want to see and the techniques we use to deliver. That means building bespoke interventions which ensure we deliver … Read More

Personal Journeys

29th October 2021,

There’s a neat little exercise we use a lot here at C&T towers which can bring a whole range of benefits to a group – we call it Personal Journeys. We ask people to spend some time, on their own (although we’ve noticed over the years how difficult it is not to start chatting about … Read More

Three Ways 2020 Has Changed The Way We Work

2nd March 2021,

What a twelve months we’ve had! Read more here about some of the things we will be keeping from lockdown working.

Learning Leadership Lessons From Our High Streets

22nd September 2020,

Read more about how award-winning former Council Chief Executive Neil Schneider takes important lessons from transforming Britain’s High Streets into day-to-day organisational leadership.

Managing and Leading Change through Crisis

9th April 2020,

Read our white paper outlining the three key stages of change and how to use them when leading organisations through crisis.

Behavioural Change White Paper.

8th April 2020,

Understanding how understanding the process and challenges behind the development of new habits is key to every single piece of work we do.  In our White Paper Oliver and the team take you through an easy-to-understand description of the psychology and neuropsychology of behaviour change.  By developing a deeper understanding of this process and, in turn, increased … Read More

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