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Management and Leadership Training Course

Looking to further your career or improve in your current managerial role? We will equip you with the tools you need to effectively manage and lead those around you, with impressive results.

Our Fast Track Management and Leadership Training Course combines powerful personal development with practical operational management and leadership knowledge to accelerate your performance at work.

Participants who previously attended our course said;

“I have honestly never attended training/ development that has been as practical and relevant to my job role.  Thanks so much.”

” I really enjoyed the coaching element teamed with time to personally think – great combination.”

“The best part of the event was the interactivity, the peer support and no death by PowerPoint!”

“The 360 degree feedback has been completely eye-opening and essential.  I’m looking forward to using this in the future.”

“I got lots of useful ideas for improving areas of my work – Team Barometer will be used in my next meeting.”

What will the course involve?

Three two-day modules spread across three months and delivered by experts working on a national and international level. You will receive detailed 360 degree feedback to enable you to learn how to better manage yourself and others. Click the image below to find out more about the Inspiring Leader 360 feedback report.






In addition, you will develop the skills to allow you to balance your personal goals and vision with those of your team and organisation. Coaching support will be provided between sessions and you will develop a personalised action plan to take away with you.  Watch this preview on ‘motivating teams’ by Dan Pink…

 Who else will be joining you?

Other business leaders who want to network and learn from their peers.

How will it help you?

You will learn;

    • How to manage yourself and others
    • How to lead and motivate high-performing teams
    • How to understand, translate and implement strategy
    • How to develop a performance culture
    • How to take responsibility for organisation wide results



We insist participants complete an application form telling us what they hope to achieve and how their business will benefit. This is supported by a nominating statement from their line manager.

If you think you might be interested in joining or nominating someone for this course, please get in touch with our team.



People Management Open Course

People Management Open Course

Do you manage people as part of your job?  Are other people crucial to your success at work?  Join us for a day of inspiration and practical tools to help you lead and manage those around you on our People Management Open Course.

Take a dash of Leadership, a teaspoon of Performance Management and a drop of Creating Motivational Teams and what do you have? The tools you need to effectively manage and lead those around you.

Who else will be joining you?

Other middle and senior managers from all sectors in the region who want to network and learn from their peers.

What will you learn?

  • The essential skills to be able to manage yourself better
  • How to balance your personal goals and vision
  • Tips on managing upwards/ managing teams/ managing ‘the middle’ in your organisation
  • Practical leadership tips from experts

The course includes small group work and full group discussion sessions covering key themes such as;

  • Leadership vision
  • Responsible behaviours within a team
  • The leadership challenges you are facing and identifying steps to address them
  • Learning to better understand the system you work in and how to manage ‘being in the middle’
  • The importance of prioritisation, delegation and having ‘conversations that matter’

Who will deliver the course?

The one day course is facilitated by Oliver Mack, Founder of Change & Transformation and a thought leader in the world of Leadership development.

Participants who attended this Open Course in September 2015 said;

“It was well structured and linked directly to the aims and objectives and tied in to the challenges flagged by the participants at the outset.”

“The activities were thought-provoking and had real-world application.”

“Great dynamic between the two facilitators which gave a good balance to the day. Both clearly knew their area inside out and were able to give good examples. They were aware of participants’ backgrounds and were able to put these in to context.”

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