Corporate Skills Development

Corporate Skills are the things we need to get our work done.  We need to keep them up-dated and introduce new ones.  It’s a challenge to not remain static.  Skills development may be forced upon us or maybe the start of wider change.  Either way we try and make them simple and easy to learn and apply to your own personal, team and organisational challenges.

Our Corporate Skills sessions help if you want to refresh and upgrade your skills or enhance your ability to lead change or grow your business.

What skills do you need to run your business better?

We offer a number of practical development sessions that can be stand alone or run as part of our wider leadership and change programmes.

  • Communication
  • Prioritisation & Time Management
  • Innovation
  • People Management
  • Team management
  • Getting the best out of your meetings
  • Building relationships
  • Resilience & Self-Management
  • Personal Brand Development
  • Coaching
  • Conversations That Matter
  • Responsible Leadership
  • TetraMap

What can you expect from these sessions?

Brief and effective

Each session is approximately half a day in length and can accommodate up to 24 people.  You will come away with:

  • A clear knowledge of the key concepts
  • Identified areas of strength and weakness
  • A plan on where and how to apply your new knowledge

We consider skill development to be part knowledge and part practice.   We help you get the knowledge as simply and cost-effectively as possible.  We can provide summarised insights and (where possible) quick links to further reading and resources to make this easy for you.

A focus on practice

We also emphasise the value of developing the new skills through repeated practice.

Our experience has taught us that skill development requires you to learn how to put this new knowledge into practice over-time.  We have several ways of helping you with this which are incorporated into all our workshops:

  • Helping you identify where and how to apply your knowledge
  • Helping you learn how to learn
  • Giving you simple tools you can take away and apply to different situations

If you require Corporate Skills to be adapted to larger groups or over different periods of time please get in touch.


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