Team Development

A great team finds a common goal or focus that they put above their own individual efforts.  They then find a way of working together to achieve it.  We all work in teams, whether informal, formal, cross-organisation or project teams, and most of us would admit they could work better but we struggle to make it happen.  Our Team Development work will help you identify what you want from your team and the steps you need to take to make it happen.

We don’t mind if we need to help you shape your team goal, surface inter-personal conflict, or establish clearer ways of working together with greater accountability.  We find our clients needs develop as we work with them.

 What is our approach?

Focus on Results

We focus attention on results which will make a difference to the long, medium and short term.

  • Our work with teams helps you achieve more.  We start with the end goal in mind and make sure the work we do makes a real difference
  • We help you identify clear actions and then nurture a culture of learning and continual improvement
  • We work with teams over time, re-visiting objectives regularly to ensure you remain on track, whether for 2 days, 6 months or longer.

Overcoming obstacles

We help you uncover the most difficult challenges the team is facing in making progress.

  • We create a focus for the team and help you prioritise team time and effort to achieve best results
  • We help you and your team develop a higher level of trust and a willingness to be open to mistakes and new ideas
  • We believe that the best team development delivers change for the team AND change for you as a leader. We don’t take the “can you come and fix it for me” approach.


We work with you at each stage so the work is owned by you and your team, not done to them.

  • We meet with the team leader and develop a brief for the work
  • We interview key members of the team and other stakeholders
  • Our work involves group and one to one time
  • We provide coaching for the team leader through the work
  • We evaluate progress with you as we go and adjust our interventions

What we can offer teams

If you want your team to learn more about their individual working styles and how to work better together we would recommend using TetraMap or Belbin.  Oliver is an accredited TetraMap facilitator and can run workshops with teams of all sizes.  Laura is trained to deliver Belbin workshops and can teach you about the different team roles.

If you are looking to incorporate some fun activities into your team development, we can offer outdoor team building and residential team development.

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