Leading Change

Change is an end-game.  Whether we choose it or it chooses us.  Leading change is about adapting how we work to get the end we want for our communities, organisations and teams.

It is characterised by shared process and endeavour.  Leading change isn’t an individual game.  We will help you develop and lead the shared processes, systems, culture and behaviours that will allow you to adapt fast to a changing environment.


We will help your organisation, team or community adapt to the demands and changes of the world you work in.   Our work can help you address some or all of the following:

  • Overcoming organisational silos
  • Building a culture of cooperation and collaboration
  • Develop the sense of urgency and case for change in an organisation
  • Developing a strong and shared vision for the future
  • Building engagement and trust across your organisation
  • Developing the mindsets and behaviours of your staff to meet the changes
  • Establishing ways of working to maximise the potential of your staff
  • Establishing processes for problem solving and overcoming conflict

How we work with you?

A focus on results

We focus attention on organisation wide results which will make a difference to the long, medium and short term.

  • Our work with your organisation helps you clarify or identify shared common goals. We then work with you to build commitment and alignment to these goals across the organisation
  • We see the organisational development as a process. We will provide you with the materials, theories and training to support ongoing organisational improvement (we won’t make it a mystery).  This will develop the capacity of your organisation to identify and adapt to changes in your environment.

Overcoming obstacles

We work with you to uncover the hidden assumptions, beliefs and values which are preventing your organisation from making progress.

  • We help develop a culture of trust and a willingness to be open to mistakes and new ideas
  • We encourage and empower employees to solve problems and not avoid them. This  will increases effectiveness across all areas of the business in line with the shared goals
  • We help staff develop a personal vision and go through the process of aligning this with the shared goals.  This helps staff take greater responsibility, and generates deeper motivation, for organisation wide initiatives
  • We don’t take the “can you come and fix it for me” approach.

Partnership working

Adapting to meet the needs of a changing environment requires the level of support and challenge that only comes from strong partnership.

  • We are flexible. We can work with small Executive Teams or organisation-wide groups of up to 200 people
  • We can partner with you at any stage in your change process – either to help you identify and then implement goals or to to maximise the effectiveness of a development journey you have already embarked on.
  • We don’t do this work ‘to you’ we do it ‘with you’.

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