We love to receive feedback from those that we have worked with and always try to use it to improve our services. Below we present case studies so that you can see what our clients had to say about us.

Management & Leadership Training Course

(Fast Track)

I really enjoyed reading the information on leadership styles and recognising my strengths and weaknesses.  It was useful to have discussions with the other delegates to get their viewpoint on my situation.

The life journey was completely eye opening and a great way of resetting and acting as a way to reconsider.  I really enjoyed the coaching element teamed with time to personally think – great combination.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to step back and reflect, particularly in discussion with other course participants.

Practical solutions and strategic thinking were highlighted in ‘simple’ terms which will be of great use in the future.

The critical thinking elements were useful – taking time to assess situations to find solutions.

The 360 feedback has been completely eye opening and essential.  I’m looking forward to using this in the future.

I like the theory (strategic and critical thinking especially) and the coaching exercises with peers.

I got lots of useful ideas for improving areas of my work – team barometer will be used in my next meeting.  I also recognised the importance of my peer group as a team.

Really excellent overall. 360 feedback will open up so many more opportunities for further discussion. Prioritisation, resilience very relevant, as were the ‘monkeys’, strategic thinking – I’d go as far as to say everything!

People Management Open Course

The thing I enjoyed most about the course was meeting similar minded people who were open and honest about their roles and the issues they faced.  The facilitators made it very easy to open up.

It was great to meet delegates from other services and organisations and to learn new management techniques that I hadn’t heard of before. Ollie gave relevant examples that could be used in the workplace. The offer to give further informal support is brilliant – I have attended many courses before and have never had this offered.

It was well structured and linked directly to the aims and objectives and tied into the challenges flagged by the participants at the outset. The facilitators both clearly knew their area inside out and were able to give good examples.  They were aware of participants’ backgrounds and were able to put these into context.

I liked the pace of the day and felt I went away with ideas, tips and tools to try out.

I enjoyed the course content and being able to share experiences with other organisations. The day gave me the chance to reflect on the last year and the facilitators made everyone feel at ease and tailored the day to everyone’s skill set so everyone was able to share experiences.

Stockton Council

I liked the participation and audience-led approach, it created a fun atmosphere. It was beneficial sitting with other people who you may not work with on a day-to-day basis; as opposed to sitting with your everyday colleagues.

The facilitation was excellent and thought-provoking. More sessions like this please.

It is a good tool to be used with new staff (like me) to help them understand the culture from day one.

I particularly enjoyed the external facilitation of the event- adding a new  perspective.

I really enjoyed the session and found it very useful.

The facilitators brought an external, perhaps more objective, eye to the process.

I thought that the facilitators were good at really making you think and the exercises were good to focus everyone’s efforts.

Home Group

I have been through similar sessions before but the facilitator brought a nice perspective to this and encouraged wider thinking by the group.

The facilitator brought a positive energy, kept us focused and added value regarding the broader models and theory.

I enjoyed being able to spend some quality time on key issues.

The best part for me was taking time for the group to consider future ways of working and hear everyone’s perspective and see some actionable outputs.

The facilitator allowed the conversation to flow in a controlled manner and it wasn’t too theoretical.

It was very good in terms of driving us forward to bring about an action.

Newcastle University

The event provided the time and opportunity for me to reflect on my leadership and management challenges. The ‘monkey’ is such a useful way to visualise the practice of empowering others and not overburdening yourself.

The variety of different exercises and sufficient time to do them was what I enjoyed about the event- and it was all very relevant. Great session, thank you.

The impact of the facilitator was very positive and real. We needed have an external person but someone who gets our environment too.

Hearing from your peers and knowing that they are also experiencing the same management issues and worry about whether they are doing a good job of managing/ leading their teams was good.

I liked having the time to reflect on management style- facilitated in a structured way which enabled clear action point going forward. Thank you for organising the day for us all- really valuable.

I learned a lot. The facilitators were very good at including everyone and making it relevant for all. Thank you- some great food for thought and will help me improve and develop personally.

I would really value more opportunities like this to develop my leadership and management skills.

Macmillan Cancer Support

I enjoyed the honest discussion about our roles. The facilitators were very engaging and knowledgeable about Macmillan which is important to deliver a successful session.

It was good that everybody could get involved and be open and honest. Great day, thank you!

I liked being with everyone outside of the office environment and getting to know them better. The facilitators were engaging and knew about the work we do.

The facilitators had a helpful but not overly involved presence.

It was great- they had just the right tone and control without impeding any expression from the group.


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