Our Approach

“Every organisation, team and individual needs to continually adapt and change as they go through life, whether at a low level  or occasionally on a grand scale.”

Oliver Mack, February 2015

Our work is based on five key pillars which are essential to support learning and enable behaviour change in your organisation.  These are:

We deliver these key pillars using our nationally recognised facilitation skills. This is not simple training – we facilitate a learning process which is truly transformational. And this process is underpinned by the strong relationship that we will build with you and your team as we play a coaching and mentoring role in support of our interventions.

Much like the starlings in our brand logo, that change is a constant process, much of which can happen naturally. However, there are times when the change process needs to be more transformative, or when individuals or a team struggles with the pace or need for change: this is where we can help.

How to change, how to develop new behaviours, how to cope with change; these are all hot topics for discussion in the business and personal world. Our capacity to change and deal with change varies from person to person, but even more importantly from situation to situation. Here at Change & Transformation we have built up over 40 years of experience of working on and understanding this process and how to influence it.

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