Residential Team Development


Effective teams are able to work seamlessly to achieve their common goal. Team members bring their best work to the table and find ways to bring out and benefit from the skills of others. Our Team Development services will enable your team to unlock its potential.

Let us work with you to help your team move towards high performance.

We focus attention on results which will make a difference to the long, medium and short term.

One of the best ways to make serious progress with your team is to take them away from the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day.  By focusing your minds on the goals of the team and working together to build a picture of how you intend to get there, we’ll help you build a new momentum.

Our Residential Team Development Programmes are energetic and fun, with a focus on delivering clear agreements and commitments which can be realistically taken back to the office.

  • We will uncover the challenges that your team is facing and work with you to overcome them.
  • We’ll help you define the goals of your team in a way that supports you in achieving them.
  • We will support and challenge your team as you learn the steps you need to take to reach their potential.
  • Your team will see immediate results.
  • We use residential programmes as a way to escape from the workplace and focus on what’s really important.

Residential visits offer valuable breathing space away from the usual work setting, allowing people the opportunity to get to know their colleagues better. This has an invaluable impact on working relations and makes a real difference to productivity and energy back in the office.

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All of our outdoor activities are specifically designed to support the objectives of the session and are supported by fully qualified instructors who will work to ensure your safety.  We brief and debrief with the aims of the programme in mind but of course we have a focus on fun and enjoyment – we know that without these key elements your learning journey will not be as effective.

As part of a Residential Team Development Programme we can also offer Belbin Team Roles, 360 degree feedback or TetraMap profiling.  All are tools which will accelerate self-awareness improve understanding of those around us.

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