We have expert training in using TetraMap and offer this tool to the businesses we work with, within our Team Development services.

To get your TetraMap profile, you simply answer a few questions about yourself. Your score will get counted up to reveal your profile and then we can talk you through what it means. Whether you’re a Fire, Air, Water or Earth, we will help you understand how your personality affects the way you interact with others in the workplace. We will be able to generate a team profile which can help to explain any conflict or challenge within your organisation.

Using a profiling tool like TetraMap will allow you to learn more about yourselves and your colleagues and enable better communication. You will gain a deeper understanding of what motivates your peers and can use this to make a happier working environment.

We have observed just how well TetraMap has worked for our clients, so we decided to try it within our team too! We believe that personality profiling can really help get the best out of teams, including our own. If you want to know more, just ask us what we have discovered.

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