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8 tips to fast track your management development

30th June 2017,

A few months back we held a review session with the group of managers who attended our Leadership Fast Track course back in 2016. Read what they had to say.

Purposeful practice lessons and tips

24th March 2017,

After doing exercise every day for a month, Jade tells us what she has learnt about purposeful practice and goal setting.

Purposeful Practice – Part II

3rd March 2017,

Understanding how people deal with and make change is at the heart of pretty much everything we do here at C&T. When organisations want to change and develop they need their people to lead, deliver and go along with that change.

Practice makes perfect

17th February 2017,

How many of us regularly dedicate conscious effort to becoming better at something? Purposeful practice can be really powerful, so I have decided to give it a try!

Social Facilitation & Social Inhibition – psychology at work

14th November 2016,

We try to make our teaching, training and interventions as practical as possible here at C&T but underpinning it all is a bit of an obsession with the theory of learning & development.  Jade’s degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Durham helps with that and in the past few weeks she has been … Read More

The impact of working environment (and our new office)

9th November 2016,

After two and a half years of working from home, and from the offices of clients, we have finally taken the leap and moved into an office at Fusion Hive on the North Shore in Stockton. From our humble beginnings when I started out on my own and a lot of our early work was in … Read More

Six key tips for learning at work

14th October 2016,

Watching kids learning to swim this week reminded us of six key tips to learning a new skill, habit or behaviour at work. 1. Break it down into manageable chunks.   In swimming that might even mean you work on the technique of just one arm in order to improve your whole stroke. In business, … Read More

Coaching at work: It’s good to listen!

8th August 2016,

It’s widely researched and reported that a Coaching approach to tackling challenges can produce powerful, effective and better long term results. We’ve been working with a client recently who wanted to help a group of senior managers to improve their knowledge of Coaching skills and be able to apply these to a workplace setting.

Does your team need a motivation boost?

27th June 2016,

One of our clients has recently asked our advice on how to improve motivation in their team when under increasing internal and external pressures at work. We think this can only happen if you talk about it more. You won’t be able to improve motivation in your own team without talking to them about it, … Read More

Need some more motivation at work?… Here’s what it takes!

13th June 2016,

With summer here and the arrival of lighter mornings and evenings, not only have we been feeling energetic here at C&T, but we have been thinking about motivation and “what really motivates us at work”. In his book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates us, Daniel H Pink examines what he calls “the three elements of true motivation” … Read More

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